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Christiaan Bailey

Christiaan “Otter” Bailey

From: Santa Cruz, CA

Turned Pro: 35 years ago



I’ve been in the surf and skate industries as a pro for just over two decades now… I was hurt while filming a skate video in 2006 and since then, i’ve endeavored to push the limits of Adaptive Surfing & WCMX.
I currently travel and perform expression sessions on various legs of the WSL (World Surf League) World Championship Tour of surfing, i’m also captain of Team USA for the ISA (International Surfing Association) and am Co-Founder of the Ocean Healing Group. A foundation dedicated to providing all-inclusive adaptive surf adventures, to wheelchair kiddo’s and their parents!
I started WCMX’ing shortly after my injury in 2006, it has taken me to some wonderful places and put some amazing people in my life… In recent years, my focus has shifted to traveling & promoting the sport internationally, by establishing sustainable WCMX programs in other countries… Both adaptive surfing and WCMX have seen a meteoric rise in participants in recent years and it’s only getting bigger!
When I look back to when Aaron and I first started riding WCMX together in 2007 and see just how far the sport has come since, it absolutely blows me away… It’s not often in life, when you can say you’ve been a part of something that has such a direct and profound impact on future generations… And it fills me with stoke to be taking this journey with Team Box and all of the amazing athletes it’s comprised of!

~ Otter